Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Workday Wednesday - Jasper Jackson "Jack" Spurlock SS-5

Sometimes it seems like all my ancestors were farmers, but the records tell me differently. Some of the occupations I've found: shoemaker, milliner, wheelwright, mine worker, preacher, and sawmill owner. My dad was a sheet metal worker; I have several photos of him at work. I will be using the "Workday Wednesday" theme for sharing photos, stories, and records related to my ancestors' work lives. If you like, join me in posting on your own blog, or as a comment here, how your ancestors spent "Workday Wednesday!"

My father, Jasper Jackson "Jack" Spurlock, applied for a Social Security number on 24 November 1936; here is a copy of his application:

He noted his address as 129 Harbor Street in Houston, Texas. This was my grandmother's home; even though my dad was working, it appears that he may not have been able to provide a separate home yet for his wife and baby daughter.

I need to do some research about Houston Compress Company for which he was working in 1936.

The best thing about this document is that it has my dad's signature on it; I have only a few samples of his handwriting!

[Source: Jasper Jackson Spurlock, SS no. 454-03-1265, 24 Nov 1936, Application for Account Number (Form SS-5), Social Security Administration, Baltimore, Maryland.]

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