Friday, October 7, 2011

Is This Man My Grandfather?

While conducting newspaper research this week, I discovered an article from the August 24, 1908, edition of the Palestine Daily Herald which stated
"...and Hon. J. J. Spurlock of Jacksonsville was elected senatorial secretary of the thirteenth senatorial district of Texas for the ensuing two years."
My grandfather J. J. Spurlock, a watchmaker and jeweler, was enumerated in Jacksonville on the 1910 census; I'm not sure when he actually moved there. He was neither an attorney nor a judge. I know of no other Spurlocks in Cherokee County at that time. Historically, was "Hon." used the same way that "Esq." was used?  Is it possible that he was actively involved in the politics of the day?  I would appreciate any suggestions readers may have on how I might pursue this line of research.

To more easily read the article, click here to be taken to the Library of Congress page where the image can be resized.

"Republican Convention," Palestine Daily Herald, 24 Aug 1908, p. 3, col. 1;
digital images, Chronicling America ( : accessed 7 Oct 2011);
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  1. How interesting! Do you have his obituary? It might mention political/civic involvement.

  2. Susan, my grandfather died in Los Angeles where obituaries are rare except for the rich and famous. There was a small article regarding his death, but only mentioned he was Vice President of the California Horological Association.