Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Uncle Bud

Digital image. Original held by J. D. Carson, 1999.
My grand-uncle
"Uncle Bud"
Gus Hobson Spurlock

© 2012 Denise Spurlock


  1. I'm sure that's a very good picture. When I see pictures like this, I wonder what prompted someone to snap THAT picture. After all, it doesn't seem to be an important occasion. Did someone just get a new camera? This is the stuff that rolls around in my head whenever I look at old photos.

  2. That's funny, but so true. You do have to wonder why some pictures were taken.

  3. I bet that was a prize winning mule and he was proud of him, ya think? And why is it that everybody has an "uncle Bud" who's name is not Bud, Buddy, or anything close? My mother had an Uncle Bud whose name was Morris. My mother-in-law had an Uncle Bud whose name was Walter. My children have an Uncle Bud whose name is also Walter...and I have run into many more. I should do a survey....

    1. I'll have to see if I can find any records about the mule! As for nicknames, do you have a "Bubba" anywhere?