Monday, December 10, 2012

Advent Calendar - December 10 - Christmas Gfits

Finding just the right gift for someone is part of the fun, as well as part of the frustration, of holiday shopping!

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When I was a child, my brother-in-law Dale worked for a grocery store chain here in Southern California; one of the "perks" of the job was all the premiums that manufacturers gave out. My sister collected these throughout the year and then wrapped them up and gave them to us for Christmas. The only thing I remember getting was a deck of playing cards with the Virginia Slims cigarette logo all over them! I didn't care. It was another gift to open. The precedent of having lots of little gifts to open was set, and we still buy lots of little things to go under the tree. (Wrapping is a nightmare!)

Of course, we still received gifts that were purchased just for Christmas...clothes or a new toy or a book that we especially wanted.

One of the rules for gift-giving is that you don't give someone a "washboard" as a gift. This was Marshall's rule; Marshall was my other brother-in-law.  He defined a washboard as something that was needed like a new toaster or a drill set. (He always bought my sister the most beautiful jewelry!) So there are no practical gifts under our tree!

Books or book money (Barnes & Noble gift cards) are at the top of almost everyone's wish list. Oh, and speaking of wish lists, I do require them....and I need them on Thanksgiving weekend! Never mind that I may buy something totally NOT on the list....I still need your list!

Since everyone in the family collects something, gift selection is sometimes a little easier and can lead to some interesting finds. My mother collected pigs and my sister Jennifer collects gargoyles so when I saw this little cutie I couldn't resist buying him as their gift!

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  1. The "washboard" in my family growing up was "ice-cube trays" which I believe one of my parents gave the other one year (as one of the many little presents that were exchanged). Ice-cube trays are just a little too practical as a Christmas gift.

    1. Hi, Elizabeth, If the ice-cube trays made Christmas-tree shaped ice, the gift might escape being deemed a washboard! Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your fun memory!