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Advent Calendar - December 13 - The Three Wise Men

My granduncle Walter Ivan Martindale (1883-1958) wrote poetry for special occasions. Here is a poem he penned on a Christmas theme.

The Three Wise Men
Tis Christmas, and again we read that story never old,
Of how the wise men from afar, brought frankincense and gold.
And laid them at the feet of Him who in a manger lay,
And worshipped there the newborn King, on that first Christmas Day.
When I first heard this story, in my childhood long ago,
It was told me by my mother, by the evening’s fireside glow,
And I believed that story, how wise men from afar,
Came unto Bethlehem’s manger, by following a star.
The wise men of all ages, have come to that manger fair,
And laid their wealth and talents, at the feet of the Master there.
But what of the poor and the lowly, and sinners such as we,
May we not go to the manger, and our Redeemer see?
How can I come to the manger, when I have lost my way,
In a world of sin and sorrow, and have wandered far astray,
Tell me again that the star yet shines as in the days of yore,
And will lead me again to that manger, to kneel at his feet once more.
What can I bring to the Master, when his dear face I see,
No wisdom, frankincense or gold, nor merit found in me.
A wasted life! My sinful soul! Nay herein my hope lies,
That a broken and a contrite heart, my God will not despise.
Yes tell me again that story, that I have loved so long,
It will take away all sadness and fill the heart with song.
For with loved ones up in heaven, those three wise men I’ll meet,
And with them I shall worship at the blessed Master’s feet.

W. I. Martindale
Houston, Texas
Nov. 22, 1952

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