Friday, December 14, 2012

Advent Calendar - December 14 - Fruitcake: Friend or Foe?

Definitely FOE! Fruitcake is one Christmas tradition I can do without. There are reasons that there are so many jokes about Christmas fruitcakes.

I’ve tried to like it. I even made fruitcake one year. It was a lighter cake than most traditional fruitcakes and it was at least edible. But I’ve since decided the thing that goes into fruitcakes that I don’t like is the citron.

Not everyone in my family dislikes fruitcake. My mom liked fruitcake. My oldest sister Jane liked fruitcake so much that on an emergency trip from her home in Oklahoma to Houston to get her passport we had to stop in Corsicana, Texas, so she get could a fruitcake at the Collin Street Bakery!

By Jonathunder (Own work)
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