Sunday, March 31, 2013

My "Easter" Ancestors

By Cliff from Arlington, VA (Outside Washington DC), USA
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Four women in my family tree were named Easter:

  • Easter A. Owens, my 1st cousin 3 times removed, born about 1852 in Alabama, died unknown
  • Easter Lillie Eaton, my 2nd cousin twice removed, born 15 April 1900, died 6 October 1917, buried in Washington County, Missouri
  • Katie Easter Spurlock, my half-grandaunt, born 27 March 1910,  died 5 November 1888, buried in Jackson Parish, Louisiana
  • Easter Terralyn Donaldon, my half-first cousin, once removed, born 1942, died 1946, buried in Jackson Parish, Louisiana
Both Easter Lillie Eaton and Katie Easter Spurlock were born on Easter Day. I suspect the other two might have been as well, although Easter Terralyn Donaldson might have been named in honor of her aunt Katie Easter Spurlock.

I thought it interesting that all of these women are related to me on my paternal line.

Do you have anyone in your family tree named Easter? Were they born on Easter Day?

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