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Amanuensis Monday - Marriage Documents for Isaac Eaton and Phoebe Hall - 1768

On his TransylvanianDutch blog, John Newmark defines an amanuensis as “a person employed to write out what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.” For more information about this daily blogging prompt, see John’s post Amanuensis – Why?.

I have amassed quite a collection of scans of handwritten documents related to my ancestors—primarily marriage records, deeds, and wills. As I have been transcribing these documents, it occurred to me that most of these documents were not actually written by my ancestors, but rather dictated to someone else, and then transcribed by a clerk into official records.

Last week I posted the will of Samuel Hall, my 6th great-grandfather. That document provided me with the given name of his wife and the names of two sons. 

This week I am sharing the consent that Samuel signed to permit his daughter Pheobe Hall to marry Isaac Eaton, along with the marriage bond. These documents, now 245 years old, were probably at least 200 years old when they were microfilmed.

The consent reads:

            “Mr. John Froobek liveing in North Carolina in Roan County
I send these few lines to you to Seartify[?] you that I am satisfied that the be[?] hear of Isaac Eaton shall have my dater [daughter] faby [Phoebe] hall to wed [three smeared words] and if you will  [smear] grant him lisens [license] for the same you will oblige me Samuel hall
                        Deted Novenber [sic] 27, 1768”

Source: North Carolina, Rowan County, Marriage records, consent of Samuel Hall,
 Isaac Eaton-Faby (Phoebe) Hall, 27 Nov 1768;
digital images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 2011 Nov 26).

And here's the bond:

“Isaac Eaton  }
    to                 }
Pheoby Hall   }

Marige Bond.

dated 27th Nov. 1768

[reverse side]

Seald & deliverd        }           Isaac Eaton
in the Presence of      }             Wm McConnell
John Frobock                                      George Gray.”

Source: North Carolina, Rowan County, Marriage records, 
bond, Isaac Eaton, 27 Nov 1768; 
digital images, FamilySearch ( accessed 2011 Nov 26).

© 2013 Denise Spurlock

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