Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Mom, Deanna and Tony

Digital image; original photograph held by Deanna Golden, [ADDRESS
WITHHELD FOR PRIVACY], Portland, Oregon, 2012.
Beaulah Belle (Yawman) Sherrell, with
daughter Deanna Dale Sherrell, and
son Archie Anthony Neal Sherrell
circa 1949

© 2012 Denise Spurlock


  1. I'd guess Archie watched a lot of westerns. So many interesting things to look at in this photo (besides your family) - like that car. Now THAT was a car!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Denise!

    1. Wendy, I think Westerns were all that were available to watch back in the day! I'll have to see if someone can identify the make/model of the car and I want to try to figure out where my mom was living when the photo was taken.

      Hope you have a great Thanksgiving as well!