Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Advent Calendar - December 4 - Christmas Cards

The Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (ACCM) gives you an opportunity to write about and share your family’s holiday history 24 different ways during 24 days in December! Learn more at http://adventcalendar.geneabloggers.com. This post was originally published in 2011.

My family didn’t send many Christmas cards—probably only to a few relatives and perhaps friends who lived out of state. Those we received were displayed by taping them to the wall as seen in this photo:

Cards on the wall left of the tree; my mom and I
enjoying the Christmas goodies!

Thanks to my mother keeping things in my baby book, I have two Christmas cards that I received on my first Christmas (not sure they qualify as heirlooms!):
From my Sissie

From Aunt Joyce

In my younger years, I spent Thanksgiving weekend hand-addressing the envelopes to send Christmas cards to family and friends and mailed them out on December 1st. Every year now I think about sending Christmas cards, perhaps even buy some, and maybe get some mailed. In fact, it’s something I think I might work on this week! 

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  1. Such sweet Christmas cards from your baby book!

    1. Hi, Jana, Thanks for reading my blog! I love the old cards...it's amazing how images of things like teddy bears have changed over the years.